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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Man Has Two Faces

This man named Edward Mordake and actually has two faces, one on the front as to which a human being in general and another behind. Face the front of the face while the normal functioning of the back could only smile could not speak or eat.

Many do not believe the truth, please check kebenaraanya anehdidunia.com companions on wikipedia. Edward Mordake is a handsome man who lived in the 19th century, Edward was born into a family life Highborn Lord British. His family is very loving, caring and loving care for the baby, but the one thing that seemed always on his mind was a face attached to the head at the back.

No medical records were complete at that time because of the limited technology of the time, but all records of the same name one thing that Edward is a charming young man with a noble personality. But beauty is only visible from the front, as she turned her face grim and frightening.

Some of the other stories mentioned that both Edward's face was a beautiful girl, but scientists argue about it because it has a parasitic twin is always the same sex. Another story also mentions that both Edward's face is the face of the devil, who always called demons and evil

Edward was so tormented with two face and he tried to go to several doctors to get rid of them is said often face with an evil whispering to him at night, but no doctor is able to do so because of lack of medical equipment at the time. Finally Edward is at the top of the despair that makes thinking fatal and ended his life by suicide at the age of 23 Years.

Japan Turn Human Feces to Food

Mitsuyuki Ikeda, scientists from Okayama Laboratory believes that a lot of good protein in human feces that can be utilized. To that end, he sought a way to extract it, mix it with steak sauce, and managed to make feces be a food.

One might wonder what is the reason to do that. But it turns out, the main reason is the demand of the government in Tokyo alone. For information, Tokyo is currently overwhelmed with sewer sludge, and the only way to cope than to throw into the sea is to eat the feces

When examined, Ikeda found that the feces was full of protein for many bacteria content in there. Once combined with a reaction enhancer and put it in a magical machine called 'exploder', finally successfully created artificial steak.

Human feces contains 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent fat-soluble vitamins, and 9 percent minerals. The resulting artificial steak was also the color red, so consumers will not be aware that he will eat is processed feces.

"From the first test, the people who have tried it said it tasted like beef," said Ikeda, as quoted from Digital Trends.

According to Ikeda and his colleagues, it is an perfect solution to reduce the amount of waste and emissions from the stomach. But unfortunately, there is no shortage of solutions offered Ikeda. The cost to produce the 'meat' made it 10 to 20 times more expensive than the price of real beef. Dare to try?