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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unique Snake, Sale Rp155 Million

VIRGINIA - A unique type python snake for sale on a site on the internet with a spectacular price. Snakes striped black and white is sold at a price of USD 16,000 or approximately Rp155 million (Rp9.706 per USD).
The owner, Colin Weaver selling snake has a black head and body at the site albino East Coast Reptile Breeders.

Weaver said that the snake was three months old and the female sex. He has maintained a unique snake for seven years.

Snakes have an unusual skin color is often known as the "Pied Panda" because the color that looks like a panda. This snake was hatched on October 31 last year and this snake is usually only eat mice.

Snakes are sold very expensive, it is because the genetic uniqueness and there are only three snakes who have a color like this in the world.

"These genetic mutations cause genetic variation of both pattern and color. I mix and match" genetic material "to produce a stunning animal," Weaver said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/21/2013).

Weaver added that the process of breeding these animals take a long time to produce an animal that has such a unique color.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Former Prison Hotels

Prison is often called the hotel without cost. Well, these hotels as reflected nickname. Yes, hotels building occupies the former serves as a prison.

The prison was changed to seem creepy hotels nan gorgeous. Make no mistake, some turned into a five-star luxury hotel. Gogobot, travel websites to choose some of the buildings that change the function of the prison into a hotel as follows.

Hotel Katajanokka
Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland. The hotel was opened in 2007 and is managed by an international hotel chain Best Western. In some of the buildings still show the original condition before the building into a hotel.

Yes, initially the building was a prison city of Helsinki. One red brick walls were left intact. The hotel consists of 106 rooms. For a single room, was a two to three cells.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul, Sultanahmet, Turkey. The hotel opened in 1996 and is managed by an international hotel chain Four Seasons. Originally, the building standing in 1918 was a prison.

Four Seasons Hotel
Hotel consists of 65 rooms still show the authenticity of the prison. As the wooden door prisons maintained by the hotel. Even the control tower can still be found.

Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA. The hotel occupies a building that was once a prison named Charles Street Jail functioning from the year 1851 to 1990. The prison is notorious for bad reputation as a prison untreated.
Liberty Hotel
Now, the Liberty Hotel reap fame as changing the building into a luxury hotel while maintaining the authenticity of the building.

The hotel even provides a historical tour of the building to interested guests. The hotel is managed by an international hotel chain Starwood Hotels.

Jailhotel Lucerne
Jailhotel Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland. The building was established in 1862 and serve as a prison until 1998. It is then turned into the hotel.

Interestingly, the hotel deliberately allowed the impression of a prison. As the name "Jailhotel" or "prison hotel", the concept of the hotel is made shades jail. There are several types of rooms.

Try to stay in the Director's Suite room which was once the office of the prison warden. Then the Library Suite rooms which previously was the prison library. Guests staying in this room was like a library surrounded by books.

Ancient Aircraft Changed to Luxury

AMSTERDAM - A Dutch hotelier, Ben Thijsen, has a unique idea, which transformed a former airplane into a luxury hotel.

To realize his idea, Ben used a Soviet-made long plane Ilyushin Il-18n type that was used as the official aircraft of East German leader, Erich Honnecker.

When Ben discovered this aircraft, the aircraft is actually the former was used as a restaurant in the former East German border.

Ben then buy it and bring it across Germany to the village in the Netherlands Tegue. He then spent hundreds of thousands of euros to renovate it into a luxury hotel.

"You can sleep in any type of hotel, but not in an airplane. I think this is perfect," said Ben.

Problem past aircraft allegedly used the East German leader, Erich Honnecker, Ben claimed not to know too.

"Actually, not much is known about the past of this aircraft, mainly because it had once belonged to East Germany, who are happy to keep a secret," he said.

History of this aircraft make a lot of Germans were keen to stay. They even took pictures of Germany before the Berlin Wall fell while staying.

In fact, a former pilot Ilyushin stayed and were very pleased to see the cockpit of the plane was still like the original.

"One of the guests dressed as pilots and even spent a day in a sauna. Following day he wore plain clothes and wearing her stewardess uniform," he says with a laugh.

Then how much it costs to stay at this unique hotel? You have to spend 350 euros, or approximately USD 4.5 million overnight. With that much money, guests can enjoy a number of facilities such as jacuzzi, sauna, bar, sumptuous food, and a flat screen television.

In addition, for guests who want to know what it feels to sit in the cockpit of an airplane over coffee, Ben Thijsen while allowing the cockpit in real conditions

Saudi Arabia Couples Sell their Kidney To Treat Their Child

Jouf - A married couple in Saudi Arabia intends to sell their kidneys for medical expenses-old son 19 months. Couple's child had heart problems that kept him treated abroad.

The decision to sell a kidney removed Ahmed al Fhuaiqi and his wife after a team of doctors who handle his son said, no longer able to treat her son.

They gave up because hospitals in the country do not have a comprehensive tool to treat heart problems suffered by men Fhuaiqi. Previous son Fhuaiqi treated in hospital in the city of Jouf.

Team doctors advised Fhuaiqi to take his son out of the country. However Fhuaiqi prompted earlier cautioned that the cost of maintenance to be paid abroad will be very expensive.

"The father told the cost of treatment abroad would be very expensive. He and his wife had asked for help from the public to assist his son's medical expenses, they were willing to sell their kidneys, "said a local newspaper of Saudi Arabia, Ajel, as reported Emirates 24/7, on Wednesday (27/02/2013).

Saudi Arabia is actually one of the richest countries in the Middle East region. Until now, the country is one of the largest oil producing country in the world.

Unique Marriage as The Movie "Shrek"

JERSEY - A pair of lovers Paul and Heidi Coxshall Bellas did a very unique wedding. They were married on the theme like a cartoon "Shrek".
Many couples dream of a romantic wedding using all-white dress. But this unique couples making their wedding as a fairy tale.

Couple from Jersey, UK is doing a unique wedding dress as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the animated film "Shrek". Bellas, must be willing to face painted with the colors of green and giant ears menggenakan kemudia he also wears fake eyebrows are very thick like a character Shrek.

While Coxshall, lover dressed like Shrek, Princess Fiona. Not only the bride are dressed like a character in the animated film, even all the guests also dressed as characters must be animated.

Bellas and Coxshall child, Leo, who was only four years old, playing the best friend Shrek, Donkey. While Coxshall brother, John served as Muffin Man from the movie "Shrek 2".

Other guests also arise from a variety of characters from bleak fairy tale, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle from the film Beauty and the Beast.

Bellas and Coxshall tie the knot on February 23 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in St Helier, Jersey, UK.

This unique pair had lived together for five years before deciding to get married. Unique wedding was inspired by Leo who loved the animated film Shrek.

Bellas said the Shrek movie is full of messages of love, because in the film it does not matter the state of his partner retain most importantly true love.

"The message of the movie Shrek is no matter what you see or what you are, it's all about true love. I thought it was absolutely perfect for the theme of my wedding," Bellas said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (27/2 / 2013).

"All the guests also supports this idea and really enjoyed it. There are times when they laughed because it was funny to see the costumes are something else," he explained.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Plant Still Growing thought not Tread for 40 Years

Cranleigh - The gardener named David Latimer, managed to create an amazing experiment. He made a small garden is placed in the bottle, after 40 years, it was the garden thrives despite never watered.

David, wanted to test a theory in which a plant can survive in the environment without any water. He put four seeds in the jar. Three of the four seeds that have died, but the seeds of the plant commonly called Spiderworts or Tradescantia is continuing to grow despite the plant is not treated.

"I started menananmnya in 1960. I got this idea because I wanted to see if the plant can survive in an isolated environment," said David. Similarly Mirror quoted on Friday (01/25/2013).

"This is an experiment to see how long the plants will survive. Tradescantia plants continue to grow until it fills the bottle. And I just water them twice at the beginning of 1970, "added retired electrical engineer.

To survive, the plants absorb solar energy from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide resulting from the moisture and nutrients produced from leaves that have rotted. This process can also produce oxygen.

For Sale, Food Form Pieces of Human Body..!!

LONDON - Will you already dimuntahi cupcake tasting, cocktail containing human blood and liver, and breast pieces with human ribs? But make no mistake, these foods are sweet and tasty.

Foods was none other than the cake but the shape is modified creatively to look disgusting. These foods are sold in specialty food stores for people aged 18 years and over.

As well as the dimuntahi cupcake, cupcake vomit over the yellow was none other than lemon. Disgusting cake was displayed in the store cupboard.

Miss cakehead (Emma Thomas) and his team managed to make cakes that disgusting. Thomas Team members include artists who are experts in the field of food. Creative cakes made Thomas seems to be used as toiletry items for a horror movie.

"This is the most horrible project and would be very interesting if people could taste this delicious cake," said Thomas, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (01/19/2013).

Previously, Thomas menegatakan that, it is impossible for him to make a cake that is disgusting. But the sadistic forms assessed to compensate the cake taste.

"First of all, I made a cake shaped women. He was in the shower with a slashed throat. Pie I call it 'Bitch in the Bathroom Bloody' and a lot of people who love it," Thomas cunt.

Letters in Bottles Back After 76 Years Sailing

WELLINGTON - A message in a bottle thrown into the sea 76 years ago has been found and returned to its owner. This age-old letter found in New Zealand.
Bottle with a letter inside was discovered by Geoff Flood, last November. "To the inventor of this bottle, I beg you to convey to the address on this," the letter inside the bottle, as quoted by Metro, Tuesday (22/01/2013).

This letter was signed by Herbert Ernest Hillbrick, on March 17, 1936. He also put your name and address on the letter.

Flood, found a bottle containing the letter at Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand. "When I picked it up I could see that it was an old envelope with P & O logo on it and I thought maybe it was a special letter," said Flood.

Flood, decided to find the address to return the letter. Then he managed to find the address contained in the letter. However, the letter writer had died in 1940.

It is estimated, is a abeka Hillbrick of cruise ship P & O when he made the letter.

His grandson, Peter Hillbrick, known to live in Australia. Later, Flood handed the letter to the family of the true owner.

109 Stones Fill The Dogs Stomach

Chessington - A dog has eaten approximately 109 stones while strolling on the beach. As a result, the dog had to have surgery to remove all the stones in his stomach.

Labrador-type dog named Barney's take recreation to the beach with her owner, Kim Woollard. However, when he was at the beach turned out to be Barney had swallowed 109 rocks.

Woollard said that Barney looks very odd after coming home from the beach and he saw a few stones in a basket where Barney defecation.

"Before he was very happy at the beach, but after returning Barney looks weird. I saw a few stones in a basket where Barney bowel movement, but I do not suspect, "Woollard said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (02/25/2013).

On the next day, it turns out the cage Barney there are stones colorful, so Woollard decided to take him to the vet.

"I think Barney had swallowed some gravel stones on the beach, so I took him to the vet to be checked," said Woollard.

Veterinarians discovered 79 pebbles in the stomach Barney after he checked using X-ray. Woollard also found 30 rocks in a basket where Barney defecation. Thus, it is estimated that the stone had been swallowed up by Barney totaling 109 pieces.

As a result it is ultimately the doctors decided to do surgery to remove stones in the abdomen Barney. After surgery Barney conditions recover.

However, the vet also found that another effect of eating the stone makes Barney teeth were damaged and he needs further surgery to operate on one of his front teeth. Operasai it will be done next week.

These stones can be as Human Smoke

Longyan - Stone which was discovered by the Chinese named Luo Yuanshui of Fujian Province, is very strange. The stone could smoke cigarettes like a human.

At first, people thought that the brown stone with unstructured shape is unusual boulder. But the stone can smoke cigarettes until exhausted for five minutes.

Luo also had tried to give rock some cigarette brands and different sizes. But stone weighing 2.2 pounds continued to suck until exhausted. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (20/02/2013).

Chinese man finds rock on Mount Shangyou smokers. Lou himself said he did not realize finding the stone because he only wanted to find a hole to put his cigarette while. Luo unconsciously insert butt into a rock and a cigarette like he was suddenly sucked out.

Luo demonstrated the greatness of the rock in front of other people. The people who visit the residence Luo instantly surprised by the mysterious stone.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Dog Face Similar Considered Human Face

KENTUCKY - A mixed breed poodle and Shih Tzu in Kentucky are considered to have a face that resembles a human being. The dog recently rescued in Kentucky, United States (U.S.) and is looking for a new employer.

Dog named Tonic has now been completed with NGOs rescued from Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group, in Indiana. Tonic is often described as "a sweet boy, who was looking for new things."

The dog had a face like a rose called humans. Eye tonic was quite huge, her mouth slightly wider line. The feathers on the top of the mouth Tonic also resembles a mustache.

NGOs said that the tonic is a great dog and harmless. However Tonic should not be around small boy. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (07/02/2013).

So far, Tonic requires the new employer to take care of a very patient person. The dog will also be given a health certificate. According to reports, the two-year-old dog was nearly killed and now, U.S. citizens are required to pay a fund of USD250

Dog look like a Lion Found by a Pedestrian

NORFOLK - The apparition of a Labrador mixed breed dog and Poodel surprise pedestrians. Fur and dog hair it was pretty weird that resembles a lion or bobcat.

Residents in Norfolk, Virginia, United States (U.S.) is quite frantic with small lion sightings on the streets. They immediately called 911 and complained about the incident. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (01/10/2013).

Police were checking out the lions Wildlife Areas Virgina, they worry one of the lions in the park off and roam the city. When the handler is called to a small lion approached it, the handler was aware that the animal is a dog.

According to the report, the dog was called Charles the Monarch. The dog turned out to be the pet of a local businessman, Daniel Painter. Painter itself is a loyal supporter of Old Dominion University with a lion mascot.

Even the dog was tangible lions have an account on social networks Facebook and Twitter. Lots of funny pictures Charles displayed on social networking. Some photographs show the current form of Charles, his fur is short.

Charles often came to football games and take pictures with the athletes. Currently, there is a petition to urge Charles used as a mascot for the school, but the petition was not acted upon

Italian Election pestered Nude Women

ROME - Three topless demonstrators, protesting against the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, right at the time of voting. According to the demonstrators, criticized Berlusconi seeks election and attempted to attack Berlusconi.

Protestors from Femen NGOs, marched with the agenda of "Basta Berlusconi" (Just for Berlusconi). They write that phrase on his chest to protest the election. But the three protesters were successfully secured police.

As is known, the billionaire politician indicted for sexual abuse and scandal that taxes continue to participate in the Italian elections. A few weeks ago, Berlusconi also criticized the current government led by Prime Minister Mario Monti.

The election process also takes place in Italy in the middle of a very bad economic situation. The citizens are not convinced by the performance of the Italian Government in dealing with the crisis.

"I'm very pessimistic, nothing has changed in this country," said one resident in the city of Palermo, Luciana Li Mandri, as quoted by Reuters on Monday (02/25/2013).

A number of anarchistic group led by former Italian comedian, Beppe Grillo, also often enliven elections. Grillo and his thousands of supporters Mafia State enliven the political arena with a run.

Italian elections also monitored by investors. But they were all pretty annoyed with cases scandal Italian politicians. Investors doubt it started with the advent of good results in the election.

According to polls, the center-left coalition led by Pier Luigi Bersani began leading the voting results. Voting to proceed exactly on this day, as well as proceeds from interim.

Kafe Unik untuk Kucing Tersedia di London

LONDON - A unique cafe for cats has opened in London, England. The opening of the cafe was accomplished because of the contributions of the people of 100,000 pounds sterling, or approximately R1, 4 billion (Rp14.690 per pound).

Lauren Pears want to make a cat-themed cafe in Old Street area of London in May this year. To open this cafe comes from public donations are routed through the Internet.

Funds collected through the site Indiegogo has accumulated sum of 100,000 pounds sterling, or approximately Rp1 billion.

30-year-old woman said that she had found 10 to 15 cats were brought from the animal house in Kansal Mayhew Green, London, England. The cats will be used as the staff at the cafe.

Pears, inspired by a cat-themed cafe in Japan, he also saw a good market for this business.

This cafe will provide a place for cat lovers to be able to relax with their pet cat while drinking coffee. Besides their cats also free kerkeliaran inside the cafe.

"We try to find a solution so that the cat is not too stressful," said Pears. So bleak quoted from Metro, Monday (02/25/2013).

"That way, people can linger enjoying the atmosphere in the cafe without having to think about their cats, because cats they're fun to play," he said.

Pears also added that later this cafe will have a volunteer program in which customers can not pay the entry fee can relax overnight in the cafe.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prison Guard doing Sex with a Prisoner

NEW YORK - A prison guard in New York, United States (U.S.) was charged after having sex with an inmate. Besides indicted, female prison guards rose today contain the inmate baby.

Tyshinia Love Brewster had been arrested for his actions by inmates at the prison where he worked. 39-year-old woman charged with rape and did not act in accordance with the inmates. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail. Friday (22/02/2013).

According to reports, Brewster was often visited prisoners in the cell during working hours. After Brewster imposed charges, convicts and even then immediately transferred to another prison. Prison authorities are still refusing to give information about the scandal.

The incident came two weeks after a similar incident occurred in one of the U.S. prison. A woman named Nancy Gonzales warden was also impregnated by one of the inmates at the prison.

However, the case is quite different from the case Gonazales Brewster. Prisoners who impregnates Gonzales is a cop killer who imprisoned his fault. By impregnating Gonzales, the police may be exempt from the death penalty.

Cop killer Ronell Wilson's name. As is known, Wilson was sentenced to death for killing two policemen, Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin. Gonzales admitted, he contains a newborn baby from Wilson for eight months. Gonzales was arrested in Long Island and threatened a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

A Japanese Girl Rent Her Thigh for Advertising

TOKYO - Many ways in which to promote the company's products. In Japan, you can hire a young girl to stick ads on their thighs.

How unique is run by advertising firm, Absolute Territory. How to advertise is called a very effective way to promote products for men.

Absolute Territory has said there are about 1300 girls who signed up to rent out their thighs for advertising, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (02/22/2013).

The girl who wanted to rent the thigh at least 18 years of age and have at least 20 friends on the social networking site. She was also asked to wear ad for 8 hours a day.

They are also required to have their photograph thigh advertise as proof they have done their work. Wages earned the girls could reach USD128 or equivalent Rp1, 25 million (Rp9.705 per USD) per day.

Many people who consider how to advertise on her thigh as being creative. But there are also those who regard it as an act that demeans women.

Otter Doing Slam Dunk Because of a Rheumatic

OREGON - A beaver named Eddie did an amazing act to play basketball. The animal did slam dunk at the zoo Oregon, United States (U.S.).

Not without reason Eddie's slam dunk action. This unique action done to help cure rheumatism.

Eddie, was sentenced to suffer the disease is a type of arthritis in the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis after he was checked using X-ray by a vet from the zoo Oregon.

In an effort to improve the functioning of joints, these cute mammals perform a number of activities to train the muscles of the joint, such as playing basketball. Besides being able to help the healing, Eddie action can also attract the attention of the visitors.

Leadership Oregon Zoo, Jenny DeGroot said that Eddie suffered arthritic pain because sea otters do not swim using front legs but use their hind legs and fins.

"Eddie had arthritis in his elbow as sea otters do not use their front legs to swim, but swim by moving their hind legs and fins," he said, as quoted by the Daily Record, Sunday (24/02/2013).

Woman hurt boyfriend with Toys

PENNSYLVANIA - A woman in the United States (U.S.) reported to the police for assaulting his girlfriend with a toy. Both had to fight due to the debate over a post on Facebook.

Ashley Trimmer, throwing a toy in the form of Furby doll toward her lover William Ley. The doll is reportedly on the face of the Ley.

Not just a doll, the 27-year-old woman threw Ley with a Playstation game console controller to the face. Toss causes Ley suffered injuries. Throw the latter causing Trimmer arrested by the police.

"We have to make arrests to anyone involved in domestic violence and causing injury. No matter though their injuries are not serious," said Police Chief Leo MacCarthy, as quoted by Orange, on Saturday (23/02/2013).

Trime eventually indicted for mild attacks. Her mother was eventually released after paying bail of USD2.000

Thursday, February 21, 2013

After the exercise, the U.S. Marine must Drink Cobra Blood

BANGKOK - Approximately 13 thousand Marines United States (U.S.) participate in multinational military exercise Cobra Gold 2013 in Thailand jungle. After being taught how to kill a poisonous snake by the instructor, they were required to follow the local tradition that drinking cobra blood.

As is known, a number of East Asian countries consider cobra blood as a substance that can trigger lust. The U.S. forces were not amused or disgusted when I have to drink the blood of venomous snakes, they were really excited and take pictures. Even a woman brave marines drank cobra blood. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (21/02/2013).

Cobragold 13 military exercises are compound exercises between the U.S. military with Thailand, Japan, South Korea (ROK), Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Exercise 11 days was carried out in the province of Chon Buri, Thailand.

In Cobra Gold 13, troops Marines simulate an amphibious assault, distribution of humanitarian aid and the evacuation process. The exercise was deliberately carried out in the forest as it aims to train military responsiveness and ingenuity when it comes to fighting in the area full of trees and marshes.

Exercise Cobra Gold military exercise is basically a once very hated by Myanmar. When the Myanmar military junta was in power, the military training was often seen disrupt the sovereignty of Myanmar.

But this time Myanmar has participated as an observer state in the military exercise it. Uncle Sam was the one who decided to invite Myanmar as a form of corrective Myanmar bilateral relations with the U.S

100 Years Old, Thompson is Oldest World's Golfers

CHICHESTER - A man retired aircraft engineer was asked as a golfer oldest in the world. Although he was 100 years old, but his golf game no doubt.
Tommy Thompson, golf exercise three times a week and he also joined the golf club in Bognor Golf Club in West Sussex, England.
Thompson, has won several awards in the field of golf as well as he used to do a hole in one term in the game of golf, where a player manages to put the ball right from the start into the hole with just one shot.
The person who first introduced him to one of the expensive sport was his son since 1980. At that time, Thompson was 67 years old when he was injured and had to stop his hobby of playing badminton.
The man from Chichester, England, said that this time he was not as good as first in bermaian golf.
"I now can not play well, it's because of my age that has hindered my game greatness. Was not as flexible as I used to," he said, as quoted by Orange, on Thursday (02/21/2013).
Thompson also added that he could still swing a golf club yet, he could not hit the ball as far as it used to. This friendly guy also wants to keep playing golf until he could no longer swing a golf club.

Assad: I'm Not a Monster, I'm a Human & Doctor

DAMASCUS - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad activists delegation tried to explain to Jordan, that he was a victim of slander. Assad denied he called a monster.

"I'm not a monster as portrayed my enemy. They are often talking about me, and Syria, had forgotten that I was a human being made ​​of flesh and blood, and have a feeling," said Assad, as quoted by Al-Quds al-Arabi on Wednesday (20/02/2013).

"They forget, I am a doctor and I was hurt because of bloodshed and death," he added.

As is known, Assad has a profession as an ophthalmologist. Assad also said they might leave the profession as president and returned to the doctor.

Speech was delivered when Assad held a two-hour meeting with Jordanian activists. Assad's message to activists was that he refused to step down from his post. Assad also expressed his ambition to run for President of Syria in 2014, when his term runs out.

"They said I should resign or announce that I will not run in the election. I'm not going to take this action. I will remain competitive and if not, I'll settle in Damascus. I have friends, family, and home. I remain serve my country in any situation, "he said.

At the end of the word, Assad reiterated matters relating to his struggle in Syria. He claimed never to fight Muslims as Sunni or Salafi. Assad said that, so far he is also fighting the Zionists and the U.S.

The secret leaked, Bin Laden Killer Investigated by Pentagon

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military (U.S.) troops to investigate former Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden. The man who is now a civilian was allegedly leaking secrets to Esquier Magazine published this month.

"We see this article (in the magazine Esquier) to see if there is a leak of confidential information," said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Steve Warren, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/21/2013).

The article in the magazine entitled "Male killer Osama bin Laden a mess." The article tells the details of the killing of Bin Laden as well as some information regarding Navy SEALs. The leader of Al Qaeda man shooter was called by the pseudonym "The Sniper."

As is known, a man who can not be identified, was also told that he is now destitute because menanggur and out of the military service. Although considered a hero, he just failed to get welfare benefits from the U.S. government because he only joined for 16 years in the U.S. military.

A new military can get a pension and benefits if they run a minimum term of 20 years. The wife he deeply regretted his treatment and even then the U.S. government against her husband.

The shooter admitted paying hundreds of dollars worth of insurance, but he did not benefit from the military insurance. Pentagon finally decided to investigate the man's pension problems.

So far, the U.S. government actually banned a former army to speak to the media without permission. This case is the second case that the U.S. is related to the information about the death of Bin Laden. In 2012 then, one of the U.S. forces named Matt Bissonette also recounts an ambush incident in Abbottabad, Pakistan in his book No Easy Day.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Drunk British Man Rape an Ambulance

DEVON - A young man drunk in the city of Plymouth, Devon caught on surveillance cameras like having sex with an ambulance. Men benama Calum Ward (25) was also the police hauled to court to account for misconduct senonohnya it.
Ward himself did his actions last November. In addition to "raping" the ambulance, Ward also caught on camera making a fire in a phone booth.

"At that time he looked like he was trying to have sex with ambulance car," a police record issued by the prosecutor in the trial, told Metro on Friday (15/02/2013).

In the trial, Ward admitted that he often got drunk and use illegal drugs. "I do sometimes get drunk and take drugs, I feel sorry for my actions," the boy said.

Judge Ward was declared guilty and sentenced to 6 months gives social work. He was also ordered to pay his compensation amounted to GBP60.

3000 Couples Perform Mass Wedding

SEOUL - A mass wedding ceremony involving more than 3,000 couples diselnggarakan Unification Church, Seoul, South Korea (ROK). These mass weddings conducted to commemorate the death of the founder of Unification Church.

3000 married couples in the Unification Church is often called the "Moonie". The name was given to commemorate the death of its founder, Sun Myung Moon, who died in September.

Some participants seemed awkward, because most of them are couples who have just met a few days earlier. Even some of the many couples who do not understand each other their language to each other.

As experienced by students from the United States (U.S.), Jin Davidson, who said that he was very nervous when taking the oath and find it difficult to understand the language of his wife, Kotona Shimizu, of Japan.

"We need to struggle to communicate, but we see it as an exciting challenge and a proof of our love," Davidson said, as quoted by Metro, Monday (02/18/2013).

This exciting experience is also experienced Misook woman named Anna, who married a man from the Congo, Brazil. Misook said that it would be very good because it has gained a couple.

"We met only four days ago. However, we are happy to be here and we hope to have a good life and was really happy," he said.

Unique Contest Kissing with Dog

PORTLAND - A kissing contest are now emerging to commemorate Valentine or Valentines Day. But, this is not a contest kissing contest as usual. This unique contest conducted by kissing a dog.

Kissing contest with a dog was held at the store Planet Dog in Portland, Maine, United States (U.S.).

As reported Oddity Central, Monday (02/18/2013), the rules of the contest is to let this kiss their dogs lick their owners face. Previous participants are required to pay a registration fee of $ 5 or approximately Rp48 thousand (Rp9.662 per USD).

The winner is who did the longest kiss and entitled to get a certificate and a cash amount of USD75 or approximately Rp724 thousand.

Kissing contest was held to show affection toward dog owners and also for charity, all profits from this contest akna donated to the Planet Dog Foundation.

Winners of the contest this year was a dog named Yorkie who is 12 years old and his owner, Linda Walton. They kiss lasted for 45.8 seconds.

The second place was a dog named Sunny, Staffordshire origin and its owner, Casey Mountain native Staffordshire. Sunny and Mountain kiss lasted for 16.8 seconds. While Django and its owner, Erik Boucher was third with 11.7 seconds.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Successful ways to Get Jobs from Adam Pacitti

London - It may also Adam Pacitti way to find a job. He received thousands of job offers after putting up billboards to advertise itself.

Pacitti previously made ​​headlines around the world after using the rest of his savings worth 500 poundssterlingto rent a large billboard advertising a job.

Not only advertising in outdoor media, he also made a special web address, which enables potential future employer to watch the video and find out more about Pacitti, including full CV.

The site is flooded by more than 1.5 million visitors from around the world and in a matter of days, Pacitti find his name scattered in various social media.

He admitted himself retweeted picture 1,600 times. "I received thousands of e-mails," he said.

Admittedly, soon after launching the site employadam.com, job offers started to go. He is now working in a media company that provides television advertising as a video producer.

Rob Love, director of KEO Digital, boss Pacitti, said he was proud to have such employees. "He managed to do a brilliant job making a lot of noise about him in a way that is truly innovative," he said.

Now, after he worked and got the position he wanted, Pacitti advertise again. This time, he funded the billboard ads were more likely to say thank you. "I spent my first paycheck to make this ad. Thank you for helping me," he said.