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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kafe Unik untuk Kucing Tersedia di London

LONDON - A unique cafe for cats has opened in London, England. The opening of the cafe was accomplished because of the contributions of the people of 100,000 pounds sterling, or approximately R1, 4 billion (Rp14.690 per pound).

Lauren Pears want to make a cat-themed cafe in Old Street area of London in May this year. To open this cafe comes from public donations are routed through the Internet.

Funds collected through the site Indiegogo has accumulated sum of 100,000 pounds sterling, or approximately Rp1 billion.

30-year-old woman said that she had found 10 to 15 cats were brought from the animal house in Kansal Mayhew Green, London, England. The cats will be used as the staff at the cafe.

Pears, inspired by a cat-themed cafe in Japan, he also saw a good market for this business.

This cafe will provide a place for cat lovers to be able to relax with their pet cat while drinking coffee. Besides their cats also free kerkeliaran inside the cafe.

"We try to find a solution so that the cat is not too stressful," said Pears. So bleak quoted from Metro, Monday (02/25/2013).

"That way, people can linger enjoying the atmosphere in the cafe without having to think about their cats, because cats they're fun to play," he said.

Pears also added that later this cafe will have a volunteer program in which customers can not pay the entry fee can relax overnight in the cafe.

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