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Monday, February 18, 2013

Unique Contest Kissing with Dog

PORTLAND - A kissing contest are now emerging to commemorate Valentine or Valentines Day. But, this is not a contest kissing contest as usual. This unique contest conducted by kissing a dog.

Kissing contest with a dog was held at the store Planet Dog in Portland, Maine, United States (U.S.).

As reported Oddity Central, Monday (02/18/2013), the rules of the contest is to let this kiss their dogs lick their owners face. Previous participants are required to pay a registration fee of $ 5 or approximately Rp48 thousand (Rp9.662 per USD).

The winner is who did the longest kiss and entitled to get a certificate and a cash amount of USD75 or approximately Rp724 thousand.

Kissing contest was held to show affection toward dog owners and also for charity, all profits from this contest akna donated to the Planet Dog Foundation.

Winners of the contest this year was a dog named Yorkie who is 12 years old and his owner, Linda Walton. They kiss lasted for 45.8 seconds.

The second place was a dog named Sunny, Staffordshire origin and its owner, Casey Mountain native Staffordshire. Sunny and Mountain kiss lasted for 16.8 seconds. While Django and its owner, Erik Boucher was third with 11.7 seconds.

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