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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unique Snake, Sale Rp155 Million

VIRGINIA - A unique type python snake for sale on a site on the internet with a spectacular price. Snakes striped black and white is sold at a price of USD 16,000 or approximately Rp155 million (Rp9.706 per USD).
The owner, Colin Weaver selling snake has a black head and body at the site albino East Coast Reptile Breeders.

Weaver said that the snake was three months old and the female sex. He has maintained a unique snake for seven years.

Snakes have an unusual skin color is often known as the "Pied Panda" because the color that looks like a panda. This snake was hatched on October 31 last year and this snake is usually only eat mice.

Snakes are sold very expensive, it is because the genetic uniqueness and there are only three snakes who have a color like this in the world.

"These genetic mutations cause genetic variation of both pattern and color. I mix and match" genetic material "to produce a stunning animal," Weaver said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/21/2013).

Weaver added that the process of breeding these animals take a long time to produce an animal that has such a unique color.

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