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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Letters in Bottles Back After 76 Years Sailing

WELLINGTON - A message in a bottle thrown into the sea 76 years ago has been found and returned to its owner. This age-old letter found in New Zealand.
Bottle with a letter inside was discovered by Geoff Flood, last November. "To the inventor of this bottle, I beg you to convey to the address on this," the letter inside the bottle, as quoted by Metro, Tuesday (22/01/2013).

This letter was signed by Herbert Ernest Hillbrick, on March 17, 1936. He also put your name and address on the letter.

Flood, found a bottle containing the letter at Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand. "When I picked it up I could see that it was an old envelope with P & O logo on it and I thought maybe it was a special letter," said Flood.

Flood, decided to find the address to return the letter. Then he managed to find the address contained in the letter. However, the letter writer had died in 1940.

It is estimated, is a abeka Hillbrick of cruise ship P & O when he made the letter.

His grandson, Peter Hillbrick, known to live in Australia. Later, Flood handed the letter to the family of the true owner.

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