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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Woman that Haunted by Music

Coggeshall - A woman named Susan Root haunted by the many voices and music every day. Strange things often felt it makes it frustrating.

Susan often heard music sound even a dog howling all day, so he was very disturbed. This incident had it had been since three years ago.

"I like having a radio that can not be turned off. I like to hear the songs in my ears. Hali has been my experience since three years ago," said Susan. Similarly, as quoted by The Sun, Friday (15/2/2013) .

Doctors who treat Susan was confused with the condition that the patient experienced.

"The doctor has given me a hearing aid to correct my problem and stop hearing the voices, but the equipment was not working properly," said Susan.

Women 63 years was not able to rest every day, and he often had nightmares.

A spokesman from the British Tinnitus Association says that Susan experienced strange things are musical hallucinations, where every sufferer has a sensation when listening to music when it is not being played.

As you know, the same thing is true for a number of Hollywood celebrities, such as that experienced by former personnel of Oasis, Noel Gallagher he revealed that he suffers from hearing loss and ringing in the ears frequently heard.

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