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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ancient Aircraft Changed to Luxury

AMSTERDAM - A Dutch hotelier, Ben Thijsen, has a unique idea, which transformed a former airplane into a luxury hotel.

To realize his idea, Ben used a Soviet-made long plane Ilyushin Il-18n type that was used as the official aircraft of East German leader, Erich Honnecker.

When Ben discovered this aircraft, the aircraft is actually the former was used as a restaurant in the former East German border.

Ben then buy it and bring it across Germany to the village in the Netherlands Tegue. He then spent hundreds of thousands of euros to renovate it into a luxury hotel.

"You can sleep in any type of hotel, but not in an airplane. I think this is perfect," said Ben.

Problem past aircraft allegedly used the East German leader, Erich Honnecker, Ben claimed not to know too.

"Actually, not much is known about the past of this aircraft, mainly because it had once belonged to East Germany, who are happy to keep a secret," he said.

History of this aircraft make a lot of Germans were keen to stay. They even took pictures of Germany before the Berlin Wall fell while staying.

In fact, a former pilot Ilyushin stayed and were very pleased to see the cockpit of the plane was still like the original.

"One of the guests dressed as pilots and even spent a day in a sauna. Following day he wore plain clothes and wearing her stewardess uniform," he says with a laugh.

Then how much it costs to stay at this unique hotel? You have to spend 350 euros, or approximately USD 4.5 million overnight. With that much money, guests can enjoy a number of facilities such as jacuzzi, sauna, bar, sumptuous food, and a flat screen television.

In addition, for guests who want to know what it feels to sit in the cockpit of an airplane over coffee, Ben Thijsen while allowing the cockpit in real conditions

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