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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rusian Meteorite fragments Valuable Sell High

WASHINGTON - Flakes meteorite that may be spread around the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, the rest of the explosion of a meteor in the city on Friday (15/02/2013) yesterday, estimated to be worth selling high. Collector space objects began to glance to chase.
"Flakes of small meteorites may only have a value of a few dollars, but if the size could be priced at $ 100,000 or even more," said Joseph Gutheinz, a meteorite specialist expert and a former special agent of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Saturday.
He hopes the immediate vicinity of the blast meteor combing with a metal detector to search for fragments. He assumed there would be a meteorite hunter who came to the city, the closest from Moscow.
He explained that the meteorite selling price depends on the size, shape rarity, provenance, and arranging materials. The most common type of rock and iron mixture that is prevalent mineral in the earth could be valued around 20 U.S. dollars per small pieces.
"The composition of celestial bodies can explain the origin of meteorites. So, if it is known from Mars then the price will soar high," said Chris Palma, a professor of the Department of Astronomy and astrophysics, Pennsylvania State University.
Record sales ever of a meteorite moonstone named Dar al Gani 1058 weighing 1.9 kilograms which sold for 330,000 dollars at auction in the U.S.. Celestial body was discovered in Libya in 1998.
Then meteorite found in Argentina weighing 161 pounds sold for 93,000 dollars on eBay in 2006. Although heavier, apparently a meteorite from Mars-Jupiter asteroid sold cheaper.
Gutheinz explained that anyone who was discovered meteorites and want to sell it should get the certification of experts on authenticity.
"The site eBay might be a good place for buying and selling. However, if you want to take it to auction and get certified then you should work with an independent analyst," he said.
In 1998, a NASA special agent, working undercover to catch Gutheinz unscrupulous sellers fake moon rock. Apparently, it took him a job that has a genuine moon rock worth 5 million dollars.

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