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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dog look like a Lion Found by a Pedestrian

NORFOLK - The apparition of a Labrador mixed breed dog and Poodel surprise pedestrians. Fur and dog hair it was pretty weird that resembles a lion or bobcat.

Residents in Norfolk, Virginia, United States (U.S.) is quite frantic with small lion sightings on the streets. They immediately called 911 and complained about the incident. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (01/10/2013).

Police were checking out the lions Wildlife Areas Virgina, they worry one of the lions in the park off and roam the city. When the handler is called to a small lion approached it, the handler was aware that the animal is a dog.

According to the report, the dog was called Charles the Monarch. The dog turned out to be the pet of a local businessman, Daniel Painter. Painter itself is a loyal supporter of Old Dominion University with a lion mascot.

Even the dog was tangible lions have an account on social networks Facebook and Twitter. Lots of funny pictures Charles displayed on social networking. Some photographs show the current form of Charles, his fur is short.

Charles often came to football games and take pictures with the athletes. Currently, there is a petition to urge Charles used as a mascot for the school, but the petition was not acted upon

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