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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Otter Doing Slam Dunk Because of a Rheumatic

OREGON - A beaver named Eddie did an amazing act to play basketball. The animal did slam dunk at the zoo Oregon, United States (U.S.).

Not without reason Eddie's slam dunk action. This unique action done to help cure rheumatism.

Eddie, was sentenced to suffer the disease is a type of arthritis in the joints, such as rheumatoid arthritis after he was checked using X-ray by a vet from the zoo Oregon.

In an effort to improve the functioning of joints, these cute mammals perform a number of activities to train the muscles of the joint, such as playing basketball. Besides being able to help the healing, Eddie action can also attract the attention of the visitors.

Leadership Oregon Zoo, Jenny DeGroot said that Eddie suffered arthritic pain because sea otters do not swim using front legs but use their hind legs and fins.

"Eddie had arthritis in his elbow as sea otters do not use their front legs to swim, but swim by moving their hind legs and fins," he said, as quoted by the Daily Record, Sunday (24/02/2013).

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