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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plane crashes in Brussels Airport, 5 People (in A Family) was Killed

The small plane crashed in a Cessna-type airport in Brussels, Belgium. 5 People who have a family connection, known to have died.

The accident happened on Saturday (February, 9 2013) morning, as reported by CNN, Sunday (february, 10 2013).

"The plane is thought to have crashed due to trying to make an emergency landing after encountering problems shortly after takeoff," a spokesman for Brussels South Charleroi Airport, David Gering.

After the crash, there are five known fatalities, Belgian nationality and family ties. After the accident, the airport was closed.

Flights diverted, delayed and even canceled. Investigators went down to the field examining the accident. Airports expected to open again in the afternoon or the next day.

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