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Thursday, February 21, 2013

100 Years Old, Thompson is Oldest World's Golfers

CHICHESTER - A man retired aircraft engineer was asked as a golfer oldest in the world. Although he was 100 years old, but his golf game no doubt.
Tommy Thompson, golf exercise three times a week and he also joined the golf club in Bognor Golf Club in West Sussex, England.
Thompson, has won several awards in the field of golf as well as he used to do a hole in one term in the game of golf, where a player manages to put the ball right from the start into the hole with just one shot.
The person who first introduced him to one of the expensive sport was his son since 1980. At that time, Thompson was 67 years old when he was injured and had to stop his hobby of playing badminton.
The man from Chichester, England, said that this time he was not as good as first in bermaian golf.
"I now can not play well, it's because of my age that has hindered my game greatness. Was not as flexible as I used to," he said, as quoted by Orange, on Thursday (02/21/2013).
Thompson also added that he could still swing a golf club yet, he could not hit the ball as far as it used to. This friendly guy also wants to keep playing golf until he could no longer swing a golf club.

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