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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unique Marriage as The Movie "Shrek"

JERSEY - A pair of lovers Paul and Heidi Coxshall Bellas did a very unique wedding. They were married on the theme like a cartoon "Shrek".
Many couples dream of a romantic wedding using all-white dress. But this unique couples making their wedding as a fairy tale.

Couple from Jersey, UK is doing a unique wedding dress as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the animated film "Shrek". Bellas, must be willing to face painted with the colors of green and giant ears menggenakan kemudia he also wears fake eyebrows are very thick like a character Shrek.

While Coxshall, lover dressed like Shrek, Princess Fiona. Not only the bride are dressed like a character in the animated film, even all the guests also dressed as characters must be animated.

Bellas and Coxshall child, Leo, who was only four years old, playing the best friend Shrek, Donkey. While Coxshall brother, John served as Muffin Man from the movie "Shrek 2".

Other guests also arise from a variety of characters from bleak fairy tale, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle from the film Beauty and the Beast.

Bellas and Coxshall tie the knot on February 23 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in St Helier, Jersey, UK.

This unique pair had lived together for five years before deciding to get married. Unique wedding was inspired by Leo who loved the animated film Shrek.

Bellas said the Shrek movie is full of messages of love, because in the film it does not matter the state of his partner retain most importantly true love.

"The message of the movie Shrek is no matter what you see or what you are, it's all about true love. I thought it was absolutely perfect for the theme of my wedding," Bellas said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (27/2 / 2013).

"All the guests also supports this idea and really enjoyed it. There are times when they laughed because it was funny to see the costumes are something else," he explained.

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