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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Large Asteroid Will Seen in the Sky Sumatra - Indonesia

CALIFORNIA - Scientists say the asteroid measuring 45 meters wide will cross the Earth on Friday, February 15, 2013. Named DA14, an asteroid the size of half a football field size is said to be witnessed in Indonesia, especially in Sumatra.

Launched Space, Wednesday (13/02/2013), not only the asteroid will pass between the Earth and the Moon's orbit, but also lower than the rings flying geosynchronous communications, weather and navigation satellites. The asteroid will be at the closest distance to the Earth than the satellite at 5 thousand miles (8046 kilometers).

In the near distance, the western part of Indonesia or Sumatra reportedly could see the huge space rock. In Sumatra, the asteroid will be within 17,200 miles (27.680) from the surface of Earth on Friday at 2:24 pm EST (1924 GMT).

150 ft wide sized asteroid is said to move quickly. NASA researchers think that the asteroid is moving across the solar system at the speed of 17,450 mph (28,100 kilometers per hour).

This space object contains silicate material and make it as asteroid type S. Is this asteroid will hit the Earth? Scientists say that the asteroid is not going to get slammed into the Earth.

Astronomers have created a map of the path the asteroid. Thus, it can be seen that the shortest distance of approximately 17,100 miles (27,520 kilometers) is not going to touch the surface of the Earth.

NASA provides satellite operators with information about the asteroid. Thus, no satellite communications, weather or a GPS that will obstruct the path asteroid.teroid Big Sky Will Look in Sumatra

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