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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pope Benedict Asks All Catholics to Pray to Him

ROME - Pope Benedict XVI said the setbacks he is a very good thing for the Catholic Church. The Pope had asked all Catholics to continue to pray for him, even though the Pope no longer a church leader.

"I'm doing this for the good of the church. Keep praying for me, for the church, for the future pope. God will always lead us," the Pope said, as quoted by ANSA, Wednesday (13/02/2013).

The Pope has just appeared in public, was greeted enthusiastically by many people. Residents were seen tears in his eyes when he saw the man dressed in white waved.

As is known, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent which falls on March 29. Before Easter arrives, the Vatican hopes the Catholic Church has appointed a new leader who succeeded Pope Benedict XVI.

Right today, thousands of Catholics attended St. Peter's Church to attend Mass last Pope. Generally Ash Wednesday Mass in the Pope Benedict at a small church in the city of Rome. However, the implementation of which coincided with the farewell Mass the Pope made the event moved to the Church of Santo Basilica that can accommodate many congregations.

As is known, Pope Benedict officially resigned from office on 28 February. Some cardinals also started campaigning like a presidential candidate in a state to indicate that he is a fit to lead the Catholic Church.

At the conclave begins, cardinals will be expressing their differences on matters pertaining to theology, geography, and more. They will also express vision and mission as a candidate for pope.

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