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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Woman hurt boyfriend with Toys

PENNSYLVANIA - A woman in the United States (U.S.) reported to the police for assaulting his girlfriend with a toy. Both had to fight due to the debate over a post on Facebook.

Ashley Trimmer, throwing a toy in the form of Furby doll toward her lover William Ley. The doll is reportedly on the face of the Ley.

Not just a doll, the 27-year-old woman threw Ley with a Playstation game console controller to the face. Toss causes Ley suffered injuries. Throw the latter causing Trimmer arrested by the police.

"We have to make arrests to anyone involved in domestic violence and causing injury. No matter though their injuries are not serious," said Police Chief Leo MacCarthy, as quoted by Orange, on Saturday (23/02/2013).

Trime eventually indicted for mild attacks. Her mother was eventually released after paying bail of USD2.000

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