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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Missing Three Days, UK Tourist Try Drinking own urine

Longreach  - A young tourist (backpacker) England lost for three nights in the outback Queensland survived by drinking their own urine and fluid from contact lenses.
According to his mother, Claire Derry, his son, Sam Derry-Woodhead (18), weight loss of 15 kg when he lost in a remote area, 130 km from Longreach.
Longreach which is a breeding area, a distance of about 1,100 km from the state capital of Queensland, Brisbane. Sam, who disappeared Tuesday afternoon from Upshot farm, where he worked for 10 days, was found Friday in a weakened state. His body was sunburned and dehydrated.
"He tried to drink their own urine, but because it was, he did not continue. He then drank contact lens fluid, and it may be that saved him. His weight was down 15 pounds." her mother said in Brisbane on arrival from England to see the state of his son.
According to police, about 50 people had been mobilized to look for in an area of ​​500 square km with difficult terrain, and the temperature reached 39 degrees Celsius. The situation is so bad that the two officers should search was taken to hospital suffering from a very high heat (heatstroke).
According to the Reuters correspondent in Australia Wijaya L Literature, as part of the holiday for a year before entering university (gap year), Sam Woodhead visit to Australia and worked as a jackaroo on a remote cattle at Longreach is. Jackaroo usually young people who helped with the cattle farms with an area can reach thousands of acres.
By Claire Derry, a factor that helped Sam to survive is because he previously had been a cadet at the Military Academy cadets at Sandhurst UK. "He was very fit, that's what makes me hopes he will be saved. He wanted to join the army or marines. He recently completed training at Sandhurst, and one of the exercises is to find the trail. Was probably that enable it to survive." Claire said told reporters Australia, yesterday evening, upon arrival of the flight from London.

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