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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unemployed truck driver It got Inheritance of USD 350,000

ADELAIDE, KOMPAS.com - A truck driver who was unemployed in Adelaide, Australia, have inherited $ 350,000 of the father he never knew.This man had thought he was the child of his parents, but later revealed to be the son of the results of her relationship with a member of a secret society.On Friday (02/15/2013) yesterday, the Supreme Court of Australia said the truck driver had the right to inherit from his father the truth. The driver called AMH won the lawsuit after his mother, Mrs H, knowing that a former mistress who just called initials M had died. The mother later revealed that she had an affair with M, the covered it for 50 years.From the court documents obtained by website The Adelaide Now, Judge Kevin Nicholson said the recognition of H plus the results of DNA tests indicate that AMH gene is different from the other brother, Mrs H believed the story was true. AMH then otherwise would have inherited the previously contested by the nephew of M.In the court documents, Judge Nicholson said Mrs H was a nurse in the 1950's. When that H met with M. "M is a member of the Rosicrucian, and he often visited Mrs H with the Rosicrucian books," said the judge.Is a secret Rosicrucian flow established in Germany in the Middle Ages who taught philosophy and mystical things to achieve world peace.Although both are equally as married, M and Mrs H began sexual relations in 1967. They meet once a week fitting lunch, and in one of the sexual relations that Mrs H contains."H's memory is still strong because these events occurred at the till now makes him still feel ashamed," Judge Nicholson said. "As happened two days after the anniversary, and the day before the anniversary of her husband's legitimate," he added."He felt very embarrassed affair, and then get pregnant," added the judge.According to the judge, Mrs H lawful husband never doubted that AMH is a legitimate son, along with two other children. According to the Reuters correspondent in Australia Literature Wijaya L, M knows the truth."He never denied. Fact, he is happy and proud to have a young boy." Judge Nicholson said.M's wife filed for divorce in the early 1970's, and H refer to as the "mistress" of her husband. Mrs H himself then swore in court that he had no contact with M.Judge Nicholson said, M and Mrs H last met in 1974. "M requested that H leave his family and flee with him," said the judge. However, Mrs H refused and asked M back to his wife. Since then they never met again.Mrs H and her husband then raised AMH with three other children until her husband died in 1994. M died in another state in 2009 without ever have another child.Mrs M M learned of the death of the ads that appear in the newspaper. Because of the guilt he had long enveloped, Mrs H tells the true state for all children. AMH were tested for DNA and genetic profile different from the other brother.The case was brought to court for a previous M niece heirs to question the truth of the story of Mrs. H.Now, based on the existing evidence, Judge Nicholson said that AMH entitled to inheritance from his father who had never known.

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