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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Drunk British Man Rape an Ambulance

DEVON - A young man drunk in the city of Plymouth, Devon caught on surveillance cameras like having sex with an ambulance. Men benama Calum Ward (25) was also the police hauled to court to account for misconduct senonohnya it.
Ward himself did his actions last November. In addition to "raping" the ambulance, Ward also caught on camera making a fire in a phone booth.

"At that time he looked like he was trying to have sex with ambulance car," a police record issued by the prosecutor in the trial, told Metro on Friday (15/02/2013).

In the trial, Ward admitted that he often got drunk and use illegal drugs. "I do sometimes get drunk and take drugs, I feel sorry for my actions," the boy said.

Judge Ward was declared guilty and sentenced to 6 months gives social work. He was also ordered to pay his compensation amounted to GBP60.

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