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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prison Guard doing Sex with a Prisoner

NEW YORK - A prison guard in New York, United States (U.S.) was charged after having sex with an inmate. Besides indicted, female prison guards rose today contain the inmate baby.

Tyshinia Love Brewster had been arrested for his actions by inmates at the prison where he worked. 39-year-old woman charged with rape and did not act in accordance with the inmates. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail. Friday (22/02/2013).

According to reports, Brewster was often visited prisoners in the cell during working hours. After Brewster imposed charges, convicts and even then immediately transferred to another prison. Prison authorities are still refusing to give information about the scandal.

The incident came two weeks after a similar incident occurred in one of the U.S. prison. A woman named Nancy Gonzales warden was also impregnated by one of the inmates at the prison.

However, the case is quite different from the case Gonazales Brewster. Prisoners who impregnates Gonzales is a cop killer who imprisoned his fault. By impregnating Gonzales, the police may be exempt from the death penalty.

Cop killer Ronell Wilson's name. As is known, Wilson was sentenced to death for killing two policemen, Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin. Gonzales admitted, he contains a newborn baby from Wilson for eight months. Gonzales was arrested in Long Island and threatened a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

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