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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Plant Still Growing thought not Tread for 40 Years

Cranleigh - The gardener named David Latimer, managed to create an amazing experiment. He made a small garden is placed in the bottle, after 40 years, it was the garden thrives despite never watered.

David, wanted to test a theory in which a plant can survive in the environment without any water. He put four seeds in the jar. Three of the four seeds that have died, but the seeds of the plant commonly called Spiderworts or Tradescantia is continuing to grow despite the plant is not treated.

"I started menananmnya in 1960. I got this idea because I wanted to see if the plant can survive in an isolated environment," said David. Similarly Mirror quoted on Friday (01/25/2013).

"This is an experiment to see how long the plants will survive. Tradescantia plants continue to grow until it fills the bottle. And I just water them twice at the beginning of 1970, "added retired electrical engineer.

To survive, the plants absorb solar energy from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide resulting from the moisture and nutrients produced from leaves that have rotted. This process can also produce oxygen.

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