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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These stones can be as Human Smoke

Longyan - Stone which was discovered by the Chinese named Luo Yuanshui of Fujian Province, is very strange. The stone could smoke cigarettes like a human.

At first, people thought that the brown stone with unstructured shape is unusual boulder. But the stone can smoke cigarettes until exhausted for five minutes.

Luo also had tried to give rock some cigarette brands and different sizes. But stone weighing 2.2 pounds continued to suck until exhausted. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (20/02/2013).

Chinese man finds rock on Mount Shangyou smokers. Lou himself said he did not realize finding the stone because he only wanted to find a hole to put his cigarette while. Luo unconsciously insert butt into a rock and a cigarette like he was suddenly sucked out.

Luo demonstrated the greatness of the rock in front of other people. The people who visit the residence Luo instantly surprised by the mysterious stone.

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