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Thursday, February 21, 2013

After the exercise, the U.S. Marine must Drink Cobra Blood

BANGKOK - Approximately 13 thousand Marines United States (U.S.) participate in multinational military exercise Cobra Gold 2013 in Thailand jungle. After being taught how to kill a poisonous snake by the instructor, they were required to follow the local tradition that drinking cobra blood.

As is known, a number of East Asian countries consider cobra blood as a substance that can trigger lust. The U.S. forces were not amused or disgusted when I have to drink the blood of venomous snakes, they were really excited and take pictures. Even a woman brave marines drank cobra blood. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (21/02/2013).

Cobragold 13 military exercises are compound exercises between the U.S. military with Thailand, Japan, South Korea (ROK), Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Exercise 11 days was carried out in the province of Chon Buri, Thailand.

In Cobra Gold 13, troops Marines simulate an amphibious assault, distribution of humanitarian aid and the evacuation process. The exercise was deliberately carried out in the forest as it aims to train military responsiveness and ingenuity when it comes to fighting in the area full of trees and marshes.

Exercise Cobra Gold military exercise is basically a once very hated by Myanmar. When the Myanmar military junta was in power, the military training was often seen disrupt the sovereignty of Myanmar.

But this time Myanmar has participated as an observer state in the military exercise it. Uncle Sam was the one who decided to invite Myanmar as a form of corrective Myanmar bilateral relations with the U.S

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