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Monday, February 18, 2013

3000 Couples Perform Mass Wedding

SEOUL - A mass wedding ceremony involving more than 3,000 couples diselnggarakan Unification Church, Seoul, South Korea (ROK). These mass weddings conducted to commemorate the death of the founder of Unification Church.

3000 married couples in the Unification Church is often called the "Moonie". The name was given to commemorate the death of its founder, Sun Myung Moon, who died in September.

Some participants seemed awkward, because most of them are couples who have just met a few days earlier. Even some of the many couples who do not understand each other their language to each other.

As experienced by students from the United States (U.S.), Jin Davidson, who said that he was very nervous when taking the oath and find it difficult to understand the language of his wife, Kotona Shimizu, of Japan.

"We need to struggle to communicate, but we see it as an exciting challenge and a proof of our love," Davidson said, as quoted by Metro, Monday (02/18/2013).

This exciting experience is also experienced Misook woman named Anna, who married a man from the Congo, Brazil. Misook said that it would be very good because it has gained a couple.

"We met only four days ago. However, we are happy to be here and we hope to have a good life and was really happy," he said.

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