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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

109 Stones Fill The Dogs Stomach

Chessington - A dog has eaten approximately 109 stones while strolling on the beach. As a result, the dog had to have surgery to remove all the stones in his stomach.

Labrador-type dog named Barney's take recreation to the beach with her owner, Kim Woollard. However, when he was at the beach turned out to be Barney had swallowed 109 rocks.

Woollard said that Barney looks very odd after coming home from the beach and he saw a few stones in a basket where Barney defecation.

"Before he was very happy at the beach, but after returning Barney looks weird. I saw a few stones in a basket where Barney bowel movement, but I do not suspect, "Woollard said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (02/25/2013).

On the next day, it turns out the cage Barney there are stones colorful, so Woollard decided to take him to the vet.

"I think Barney had swallowed some gravel stones on the beach, so I took him to the vet to be checked," said Woollard.

Veterinarians discovered 79 pebbles in the stomach Barney after he checked using X-ray. Woollard also found 30 rocks in a basket where Barney defecation. Thus, it is estimated that the stone had been swallowed up by Barney totaling 109 pieces.

As a result it is ultimately the doctors decided to do surgery to remove stones in the abdomen Barney. After surgery Barney conditions recover.

However, the vet also found that another effect of eating the stone makes Barney teeth were damaged and he needs further surgery to operate on one of his front teeth. Operasai it will be done next week.

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