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Friday, February 15, 2013

Smart Baby Child Call The Police to Save Mother

BRISTOL - A Smart Baby in Bristol, England called the police in order for them to save his mother. The mother of a toddler named Luke Reece was trapped in the room after accidentally locking brother Luke.

Luke actually never use the phone, but the mother is trying to redirect the child. At that Luke was with her ​​sister who was two years old.

"I am very proud of Luke since he had never even used the phone. I really panicked, brother Luke and accidentally locked himself in my room, "said Mrs. Luke, Rachel Clarke, as quoted by the Press Association, Friday (02/15/2013).

"I actually wanted to ask Luke and his brother to go to a neighbor's house for help. But I undo it because it's too risky, "said the mother.

Police said, Luke sounded frantic when she called the police. Police officers also tried to accompany his partner Luke by telephone during the toddler into the house.

The police reported the officers managed to free his mother and sister Luke some time after that The baby to call them.

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