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Thursday, February 14, 2013

12 Month Old Baby Swallow 42 Magnet

Chelyabinsk - 12-month-old boy swallows 42 magnets mounted on the refrigerator at home. It instantly makes the family the boy panicked.
A woman who did not want his name known, was shocked after realizing all existing magnetic dikulkas lost hers.

The loss of all the magnets on the fridge apparently engulfed by anknya who was aged 12 months. He immediately took his son to a hospital near his home in Chelyabinsk.

One spokesman for the hospital said, the mother saw her son was busy playing in the room while playing a refrigerator magnet that. Some refrigerator magnet when all was lost, and he thought he had swallowed anknya.

"The boy was in the room alone while playing a refrigerator magnet and the magnet is now all gone. He thought his son had swallowed all of these magnets," a hospital spokesman said, as quoted by Orange, on Thursday (14/02/2013).

Chief pediatric surgeon, Nikolay Rostovtsev said, after using X-ray examination found 42 magnets in the digestive system boy. This incident is very shocking all the hospitals.

"Over the years, I often take a variety of foreign objects including magnets of the patient," said Rostovtsev.

"More than 20 patients experienced similar things, but the events experienced by this poor kid is a new record for taking most magnets in the body of a child," he added.

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