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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walter Unbehaun Wanted to Die in Prison

CHICAGO - Walter Unbehaun who had spent his youth in a prison cell, decides to go back in jail until his last breath. The 73-year-old man was in a bank robbery and expect to be jailed again.
Gray-haired man walked into a bank in Chicago, United States (U.S.) on the weekend. Unbehaun straight to the bank teller, lifted his coat and brandishing a silver revolver.
unbehaun admitted, he was not worried about the risks they experienced when arrested by the police. He was also not wearing masks or anything intended to conceal his identity. Similarly, as reported by The Guardian, Wednesday (02/13/2013).
Unbehaun robberies committed directly captured by surveillance cameras. The man was arrested in front of his motel rose and immediately surrendered before the police.
"He (Unbehaun) wanted to do something that would be able to guarantee, he will spend time in prison. Act of bank robberies he admitted using the weapon," said agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chad Piontek.
Lawyers Unbehaun is still refusing to comment on matters relating to his client. He was also still to be tried in court Chicago.
Unbehaun had been serving his last arrest in 1998, but he was released in 2011. When the old man was convicted of new crimes, Unbehaun under sentence of 20 years in prison

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