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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Assad: I'm Not a Monster, I'm a Human & Doctor

DAMASCUS - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad activists delegation tried to explain to Jordan, that he was a victim of slander. Assad denied he called a monster.

"I'm not a monster as portrayed my enemy. They are often talking about me, and Syria, had forgotten that I was a human being made ​​of flesh and blood, and have a feeling," said Assad, as quoted by Al-Quds al-Arabi on Wednesday (20/02/2013).

"They forget, I am a doctor and I was hurt because of bloodshed and death," he added.

As is known, Assad has a profession as an ophthalmologist. Assad also said they might leave the profession as president and returned to the doctor.

Speech was delivered when Assad held a two-hour meeting with Jordanian activists. Assad's message to activists was that he refused to step down from his post. Assad also expressed his ambition to run for President of Syria in 2014, when his term runs out.

"They said I should resign or announce that I will not run in the election. I'm not going to take this action. I will remain competitive and if not, I'll settle in Damascus. I have friends, family, and home. I remain serve my country in any situation, "he said.

At the end of the word, Assad reiterated matters relating to his struggle in Syria. He claimed never to fight Muslims as Sunni or Salafi. Assad said that, so far he is also fighting the Zionists and the U.S.

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