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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber Inventor

In the mid 1830's, it appeared that the rubber industry in the United States was lower. The problem with the new material is that it was unstable - it is completely solid and cracks in the winter and then melt into goo in the summer. Miraculously, the area was saved by the inventor Charles Goodyear - a man without knowledge of chemistry who worked hard to develop and toughness of vulcanized rubber.

After learning of rubber fatal step, Charles Goodyear was determined to invent a way to make the substance more stable. Without a steady job, who lived for years on the progress of investors. When his experiments with rubber consistently failed, Goodyear has reduced his family to poverty, was imprisoned for debt and ridiculed by society as a madman.

Undaunted, the inventor, Charles Goodyear eventually discovered that the uniform heating of sulfur and lead-rubber fortified relatively low temperature, you could melt the rubber durable and reliable. He patented the process in 1844, is licensed to manufacturers and was finally hailed as a genius.

Years after his death, when the age of the cars came, the brothers decided to rename the company of Ohio, the man who made it possible for their product - that's why they were born Goodyear tires.

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