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Sunday, October 16, 2011

2D & 3D Motion

Resolution of a vector

It is often necessary to divide a vector into its components. Dividing a vector into its components is called resolution of the vector. The initial vector is the result of these components. When the components of a vector is at right angles to each other, they are called the rectangular components of a vector.

In the picture above the green vector is resolved into two vectors: the blue and red. These vectors are mutually perpendicular. Are the rectangular components of the vector Green.

Rectangular components of a vector

As the rectangular components of a vector are perpendicular to each other, we can do math on them. This allows us to solve many real-life problems. After all, the best of physics is that it can be used to solve real world problems.

Note: Since it is difficult to use the items on the vector processor computer to your word, we, our money notation. We'll show you all the vector quantities in bold. For example, "'is a scalar quantity, and" "is a vector.

Let Ax and Ay are the rectangular components of a vector A


A = Ax + Ay means that the vector A is the resultant of vectors Ax and Ay

And 'the size of the vector and Ax and Ay are the magnitudes of the vectors Ax and Ay

As we deal with rectangular components are at right angles to each other. We can say that:

A = (Ax + Ay)1/2

Similarly, the angle that the vector QA with the horizontal direction is

Q = tan-1 (Ax / Ay)

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